You and your band members play everywhere from underground Village hot spots to Madison Square Gardens, TV shows and Award ceremonies. Why play weddings?

There is something unique about being part of a couple’s biggest day. There is such joy in that moment. We are musicians and we love to play great music. But the thrill you get from harnessing the energy at a wedding and making the experience unforgettable – that doesn’t get better than at a wedding. You cant touch it.

Yes, we perform all over, from underground venues in the village to Madison Square Garden. Each performance is thrilling in its own way. But a wedding has another dimension and gives us the opportunity to truly make a difference and touch the hearts of two individuals who have fallen in love.

Most recently, Maroon 5 captured this in their video Sugar, when they surprised different couples with impromptu performances. The pure joy and love of that day is unrepeatable. You don’t get that anywhere else. It captures everyone, all ages from tiniest bridesmaid to greatest grandmother!. As a musician the reward is immense. as a band, it feeds our energy and fills the room turning the evening into THE BEST PARTY EVER.


Believe me after all the work and stress that goes into arranging and planning a wedding – the party – the release – is the essential ingredient to making the day complete. It is the part that everyone attending experiences from the inside out, head to toe! Music gets to the heart.

You cannot be passive if the band it right.

I'm surprised you don't do more weddings. Why is that?

We limit the number of weddings we do because we want to give a very personalized very attentive service. You can’t do that if you have one tomorrow and the day after and the day after that – that’s what gets you cookie cutter formulaic performance. Exhausting and unrewarding. We like to prepare, rehearse the new songs requested and make sure that we are bringing exactly what the bride and groom envision and then, we like to have the room to exceed their expectations. You simply can’t deliver our level of high quality, flawless performances if you are over committed.

There's a lot of stress and emotion in a wedding. Does that make it harder to do your job?

We have a lot of experience – both on and off stage. Weddings are complicated events. Weddings are emotional events. But that’s what makes them special. The father’s dance with the bride. That moment is a one time thing. After that things are never the same. These powerful moments are rare in life. We get to be a part of it. Its beautiful. Its precious. We understand that and we give it our all. We know how much it means to the couple and their family.

It matters to us that the music lives up to the moment.

Thank you